Flooring Installation

Step 1

Measure the Room

First step is to measure the desired dimensions of your simulator’s floor area. This includes the length and width. We recommend adding 6 inches to the length and width so you can trim to the exact size of your room.

Step 2

Measure Intrusions

Make sure to measure any intrusions, such as doorways or trim, which may lie within the desired area of coverage. For example, where doors open into a room, D2G recommends a possible cut-out area, as you see fit. Turf flooring is available in 15′ wide rolls. If your space exceeds 15′ in either direction, be sure to consider where seams will be located. It is recommended to avoid placing seams in any high traffic areas. If ordering our custom-cut turf, please note that D2G does not cut out the intrusions. You are simply taking these measurements so you can cut out these areas once the product is received.

Step 3

Purchase Materials

Visit our shop to find the flooring solution that best suits your needs. D2G offers turf in a variety of standard and custom sizes. Choose the one which best accommodates your room’s dimensions. We encourage you to explore and find out what suits your needs best. Turf flooring alone is NOT made to be a hitting surface.

If you are ordering turf, be sure to consider one of our subfloors. A 5/8″ subfloor will make your turf relatively flush to a hitting mat while a 2″ subfloor creates a putting green that flushes perfectly to a hitting mat.

Order a hitting mat appropriate to inset into your main turf. Consider a hitting mat large enough to accommodate both left- and right-hand players. Hitting mats are specifically designed for safer hitting on impact.

5/8in Subfloor
2in Subfloor
Step 4

Prepare Room

Along with your flooring, we will provide you with a detailed plan describing how to prep your room’s flooring area. This plan will include everything you will need to successfully prep and install your putting green.

Step 5

Install Flooring

With our plan as a guide, you’re ready to install flooring which meet your studio’s needs. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact the D2G team, or explore our DIY Showcase to see studios in action.

Download the Flooring Instructions

Download a copy of the flooring instructions to see more details about installing flooring and putting greens.

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