Wall Pads Installation

Step 1

Measure the Wall

The first step is to measure the desired area of coverage for your side protection. This measurement includes the height and width. Please note that we recommend removing any base molding and trim. Otherwise, you will need to measure between the two, as the pads will need to be mounted flush on the wall.

If you are installing pads on multiple walls – i.e. left, facing, right, plan to repeat these steps for each area. Please account for any additional flooring that might be added to your space such as a finished hardwood or raised putting green. In each instance, we recommend removing base molding whenever possible.

Step 2

Plan Your Design

Based on your measurements, determine which pad size will give the best coverage.

In planning out which pieces you’ll need, you can also get creative with our color pad options to give your simulator a customized feel. If your pad configuration plan has a gap, we would recommend placing the gap at the bottom of the room. Here at D2G, to make it easy to accommodate any surface dimensions, we offer a variety of pad sizes:

  • 1’ x 2’6”
  • 1′ x 3′
  • 2’ x 2’6”
  • 2’6” x 2’6”
  • 2’9” x 2’6”
  • 3’ x 2’6”
  • 3′ x 3′

Step 3

Order Materials

Once you have your plan in place, order the materials you’ll need for your wall protection. All options can be found right in our online store. For even more ideas, check out our D2G DIYers Showcase.

Step 4

Prepare & Install

D2G will provide a detailed plan on how to prep your room, including design and build-out of the protection area. Your plan will address your current wall construction such as plywood or sheetrock and will include a checklist of all of the materials needed for installation. We highly recommend having a contractor or construction background if you are planning to install our pads into concrete. 

Download the Wall Pad Installation Instructions

Download a copy of the flooring instructions to see more details about installing wall pads.

Wall Pads

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