Brand Agnostic. Technology Intelligent.

As a trusted leader of indoor golf design, D2G helps residential, commercial and green grass facilities seamlessly incorporate the latest in technology.
Below are some of the hottest technology categories in the indoor golf market today:

Launch Monitors

This market changes rapidly.
The D2G team has extensive knowledge on the latest in simulator technology.

  • We are brand agnostic with extensive expertise of all major camera and radar-based systems
  • We’ll help you navigate systems that match your feature set, room and budget 
  • Make informed decisions based on indoor/outdoor use, club and ball analytics, simulation and multisport play


D2G’s proprietary “One-Touch Automation” provides the industry’s most impressive level of user convenience.

  • Power your simulator, projector, TVs, monitors and computer on/off with an iPad
  • Easily switch between golf and entertainment activities 
  • Queue up all your favorite movies and music by adding streaming services such as Netflix, hulu, Spotify and more
  • Easily control room lighting and sound

Centralized A/V

Placing computers in a centralized location (AV room) allows simulator bays to be sleek and roomy.

  • Creates more space and flow in the simulator bay 
  • Easier and less expensive to maintain  
  • Reduces amount of electronics and hardware needed (e.g. no cabinets in bay) 
  • Simplifies integration for One-Touch Automation

Integrated Software

D2G offers software solutions that seamlessly integrate your golf performance technology.

  • Integrate your launch monitors, high-speed video, force plates, and 3D systems 
  • Easily capture all your swing, ground force, club and ball data
  • Upload all analytics into the cloud for remote access on swing progress 
  • Ideal for anyone looking to utilize analytics to advance performance

& Gaming

Get everyone in on the fun. Customize your simulator with more entertainment.

  • Available sports include soccer, hockey, baseball, dodgeball, bowling, disc golf, foot golf and others
  • Games include shooting galleries, arcades, home run derbies, and many more
  • Packed with analytics, supplying critical performance data like ball speed, launch angle, side spin, and more
GCHawk with TruGolf multisport technology - New York

Home Theater Solutions

Immerse yourself in a more cinematic environment.

  • D2G’s surround sound systems are designed to replicate the immersive audio experience found in movie theaters
  • Add depth and realism to your movie-watching experience
  • Elevate your music listening experience with a three-dimensional sound environment
  • A high-quality theater adds meaningful value to your golf simulator space
Play a round of golf then settle in for a great movie - Ohio

Force Plates

Measure Ground Reaction Forces with a superior level of accuracy and detail.

  • Measures the direction of force under each foot and combined data from both feet
  • Designed to measure forces and torques relative to the center of mass of the body, a huge indicator of power production
  • Synchronizes with high-speed video, launch monitor and 3D
  • Used by many of the world’s top coaches and players

3D Motion Capture

The 3D world is evolving at a rapid pace. D2G provides solutions for the industry’s leading applications.

  • D2G has extensive knowledge of the latest 3D technology on the market
  • Systems include camera based and sensor technology
  • We can help you source the best 3D system for your needs and budget

Putting Technology

Take your putting analytics and practice to the next level.

  • D2G recommends and installs the latest putting technology on the market
  • Systems include putting platforms that visualize break, speed and stroke analytics
  • Receive visual feedback including putter path, face angle at impact, simulated break and comparison data
  • Practice modes help to refine skills with challenging drills and entertaining games

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