D2G Impact Screen


Simply the most advanced golf, multi-sport or gaming screen system on the market. 

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Simply the most advanced golf, multi-sport or gaming screen system on the market. Our team will custom design an impact screen to fit your desired space while maximizing the viewable image and matching it to the proper aspect ratio. This process ensures proper image quality, reduces distortion, and provides an aesthetically pleasing look and feel.  

If you are looking to easily mount and install your impact screen, we would recommend adding the D2G frame to your order. This will allow you to easily install a prebuilt frame specifically built to your room specs. You can also include the protective padding that will cover the frame, provide protection and also perfectly frame out the screen to the desired aspect ratio.


  • FRONT IMPACT SCREEN: Use this high performance screen as an impact screen, projection screen, and baffle net. 
  • QUIET – Our unique design provides a very quiet screen
  • HANDMADE: We use the highest quality materials to maximize durability and reduce bounce back  
  • DURABLE: Unique materials make it thicker and tougher than a normal screen. 
  • ABSORBS IMPACT: Absorbs the impact of balls that come in contact with the screen. 
  • ENDLESS OPPORTUNITIES: Provides endless practice opportunities at any time during any weather condition 
  • ENTERTAINMENT ROOM: easily double your golf simulator as a movie or game room 
Product Type

D2G Impact Screen (Frame and Padding Optional)

Overall Dimensions


Aspect Ratio

4:3 Ratio, 16:9 Ratio, 16:10 Ratio

Screen Size

7.7×10, 8×10.5, 8.5×11.5, 9×12, 9.5×12.5, 10×13, 7.7×13, 8×14, 8.5×15, 9×16, 9.5×17, 10×18, 7.7×11.5, 8×12, 9×14, 8.5×13, 9.5×15, 10×15.5


Sewn seam





Made in


Installation Method

DIY (installation instructions included)

Includes Front Screen


Includes Back Screen


Includes Frame

Optional (Add On)

Includes Protective Padding

Optional (Add On)

Shipping Method

UPS Ground or Freight (with frame)

Manufacturer Warranty

1 year

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