To maximize your screen size, follow these instructions:

# 1 – Measure

First step is to measure the desired width of the desired screen area. Next measure the desired height for the screen. Finally measure any intrusions (soffits, pipes) that could be in the way of the desired screen height or width.

#2 – Plan Your Design

Based on the height and width of your room along with any soffits or pipes you may have, it’s important to find the right aspect ratio for your studio. D2G has screens available in 4:3, 16:10, and 16:9 aspect ratios depending on the wall space available. Please note that it’s important to plan for 9” of space behind the screen to allow for impact absorption.

#3 – Prep Room and Build Frame

The frame to hold your screen is not included with screen purchase. These frames are easily made with supplies from your local hardware store. D2G will supply a detailed plan, including product list, exact measurements to cut and assemble your frame.

#4 – Install D2G Screen

Once you’ve built your frame, you are ready to install your high quality screen. Follow the simple instructions included with the screen to attach both the backer screen and replaceable front projection screen.